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Memoir/personal essay: “All times are the same time: A response to Shannon Burns on childhood sexual assault”, Meanjin, Spring 2018

In an event reminiscent of the time I once confidently asserted I was not attracted to Tom Hiddleston, in March 2017 I wrote a blog post about how I had decided never to write explicitly about my experience of childhood sexual assault. That was clearly an extinction burst. My objections were to do with being […]

Poem: “The Stone” in Oxford Poetry

Delight to have a poem, “The Stone”, in the Winter 2017-18 issue of Oxford Poetry. My poem “The Stone” from Oxford Poetry Winter 2017-18, plus my old friend the sand frog paperweight – now that I worked out how to do a collage on this phone 😀 A post shared by Belinda (@thebelrog) on May […]

Poems in Meanjin – plus a podcast reading

Delighted to be reading ‘Industry, Melbourne‘, a landscape poem about heavy industry in Melbourne’s west, on the relaunched Meanjin Podcast Episode #1. Text of the poem also appears on the website: ‘Industry, Melbourne‘, Meanjin 77:1(Autumn 2018) I also have a second poem, ‘Exile’, in the print edition: Here’s a preview of the second poem I […]

Audio zine reading: ‘Highway, Shepparton’ and ‘Rooms’ appear in Queer Out Here

Delighted to have two readings of poems related to family estrangement appear in this audio zine. Apologies for my current asthma-medication Lady-Batman voice! Artist statement: Like many queer people, I am estranged from a large part of my family. We were a camping and travelling family, and I have quite a passionate relationship with the […]

Poem: The End of Men

I have an angry poem about Melbourne public transport masturbators up today in Cordite Poetry Review‘s awesome Suburbia issue. ‘The end of men’, Cordite Poetry Review, 1 February 2018 Readers of my twitter may recall this as the poem during whose composition my honour was deeply offended by MS Word suggesting I was trying to […]

Fiction: ‘Hector Fucking Katros’ now available free from Tincture Journal website

If you were ever enticed by the idea of the mischievous long story of mine ‘Hector Fucking Katros’, Tincture Journal (which is sadly closing down) has now made all its archives free – you want issue 16 of summer 2016 for meeeeee: Teasers and and quotes from this story are in my previous post, […]

Saying goodbye to the mother poems (Regarding two poems in foam:e)

I have two poems in the wonderfully long-running Australian web journal foam:e this month: Rooms Pants! Notes towards a musical This is nearly the end of my oeuvre of poems about my estranged mother. I’ve never spoken publicly about them aside from the bare announcement of publication. Realising I’d almost published them all now – […]

New fiction: ‘Damboon’ in Verity La, 7 March 2017

Hey-hey, a story about some sad/mad lesbians on a roadtrip in country Victoria, by me – available for free online in Verity La: ‘Damboon’, Verity La, 7 March 2017 This is the first of many sad/mad lesbian stories. I am really over coming out stories. I am all about the ‘all girlfriends break up with […]

New fiction: ‘Hector Fucking Katros’ in Tincture Journal 16 (Summer 2016)

Sleeping with your students was outrageous. Luckily this did not at all reduce Melanie’s enjoyment of his doing it with her. – ‘Hector Fucking Katros’, Tincture Journal 16 (Summer 2016) I haven’t published any fiction in a couple of years and am really excited to announce a long short story (11,000 words!), ‘Hector Fucking Katros’, […]

Poems: Age of Reason; Highway, Shepparton; Found Photo

Hooray, three poems appear in the ever-lovely Eureka Street: ‘Age of reason’ ‘Highway, Shepparton’ ‘Found photo’ Find them at ‘War-room of a child’s mind’, Eureka Street, 20 June 2016.